Tips For Enjoying Your Play on Canadian Casinos Online

Most of us take a shopping list with us to the mall. Before planning a trip to a new destination, it’s normal to consult a map. It is no different with your online casino, so why not play with a bit of direction? Before heading off to the slots halls or the poker rooms and card tables of your Canadian casino online of choice, have a look at these top tips for Canadian gamblers.

Get a good welcome bonus

The welcome bonus is an incentive for you to sign up at a particular online casino. A welcome bonus (in the form of a match bonus) means that your initial deposit is matched by the casino. This varies from casino to casino. The match bonus could range from 100% to 300%, and even 400% is not unknown. A casino might cap its bonus to ensure that it doesn’t exceed a certain amount. The bonus money is usually released incrementally after you have spent a specific amount on your bets. (This is known as playthough.) Terms and conditions differ, so wise up by reading the small print and shopping around the online casinos that are vying for your business.

Play at trusted casinos

In this day and age it is tough to know who to trust. It’s even more difficult to feel comfortable enough to trust an online casino that comes to you via the internet and could be based far away. In fact, it is not that difficult. Look for Canadian online casinos that operate under the auspices of international gaming authorities. Highly reputable ones are independently audited by oversight bodies of the industry, such as eCogra. The results of the audit are usually displayed on the casino’s website. Another indicator of trustworthiness is the payout percentage. The top sites normally post them on their site for all to see. Of course, a comparison site such as this one is here to provide you, our fellow Canadian players, with selections of top-rated online casinos. has researched and ranked the numerous online casinos out there so as to feature those that you can trust.

Forget about your losses

This is a psychological trap you don’t want to fall into. Newbies and seasoned players alike are not immune to it. It is the mindset of fear which sets in after a series of losses. Players believe that they can make up for the losses with a big win and come out ahead. This is dangerous and probably results in even greater losses. It is important to know when to quit. In order to cut your losses and be able to walk away, here are some things you can do:

Set a limit, in time or an amount of money, whichever comes first. As an example, say you have deposited an amount of $500 to play with and you’ve set aside three hours to play online. You should tell yourself “I must stop when I’m down to $250 or when the three hours are up”. Try not to lose more than half the money that is in your online casino account. Setting a time and financial limit and strictly holding yourself to it will help you to be disciplined enough to walk way before losing all your money.

Avoid using your credit card to borrow large sums of money to gamble with. It’s one thing to borrow small amounts of money on your credit card that are within your normal monthly budget for entertainment. It is another thing altogether to draw down big sums that you might struggle to repay over a long term. Remember, credit card debt can cost you dearly in interest if it remains outstanding for many months.

Stay aware of the gambler’s fallacy

Many online casino gamblers in Canada are at risk of falling victim to the gambler’s fallacy. After a series of losses, gamblers think their luck will turn. They think they’re due for a win. They make the assumption that the randomness they have encountered up until then will magically become less random because it is high time they won. Thus, they keep on betting. And keep on losing. If you understand the way the gambler’s fallacy works, you can prevent big losses while playing online casino games.

Pick the right game for you

One of the marvellous things about online casinos is that they can provide same type of games that can be found in land-based casinos. There’s something for everyone: roulette, blackjack, poker, and slot machines. The key is to look for the online casinos that have the types of games that you enjoy the most.

Take regular breaks

Continuous gambling can lead to losing track of time and perspective. Taking risks, making bets, chasing wins, aiming for million-dollar jackpots and testing your mettle at games of skill. Gambling action in the casino is an emotional business and you’ll find that taking frequent breaks will help you keep them in check. Leave the computer or your device and log out now and again at mealtimes or for smoke breaks and coffee breaks. Remember, if you want to stay on top of your gambling, set reasonable limits for your playing time. If you regularly find that you gamble for much longer than you planned, it could be a red flag for a bigger problem.

Enjoy the right promotions for you

All the online casinos we recommend offer a handsome welcome bonus. Usually this takes the form of a ‘match bonus’ where they match your deposit by a certain percentage. But it’s the regular bonuses and promotions that really make it worth supporting certain Canadian online casinos. If you choose to play at a Canada casino online, you’ll be able to enjoy Canada-themed promotions that are not available in other countries. These can be really exciting and rewarding, and examples include hockey playoff tickets and free winter escapes to sunshine getaways with flights leaving from Vancouver, Calgary, Ottawa, Toronto and Montreal. Other promotions that Canadian casino players will love are available season-by-season.

Stay away from alcohol

Alcohol clouds one’s judgment. When playing at an online casino you need to stay in control. Your main weapon against allowing gambling to get out of control is good judgment

Maintain your bankroll

Setting limits is the hallmark of responsible gamblers. The golden rule is to only gamble with money you can afford to lose. Decide in advance the maximum size loss you are able to afford and if you reach this during your playing, quit immediately. In order to manage your bankroll satisfactorily, try to make it last as long as possible. The more bets you can make, the more wins you’ll have. For example, with a $500 bankroll, don’t head for the $100 slots, because you’ll only be able to make five bets. Instead, play for longer on games with lower betting limits.

Keep an eye on progressive jackpots

One of the ways that the online casinos compete for your business is to offer a wealth of great slots and tempting progressive jackpots. In fact, there are far more progressive jackpots available online than there are in live casinos. A progressive jackpot draws on small percentages of cash bets across many different casinos. Exciting multi-million dollar progressive jackpots are offered on the best slots on a monthly basis. The jackpots become so huge that they attract hundreds, if not thousands, of players from around the world to play and contribute to the final massive jackpot.