Your Top Choice Of A No-Download Online Casino

You’ve probably heard that playing on a Canadian casino online with no download is a fast and dynamic experience. A casino online no download site is also known as a Flash, or Instant Play casino, offering the ultimate in speed, flexibility and convenience for players.

The no-download online casinos for Canadian players need to show the best quality all-round to make it through our selections. They have all been vetted to ensure:

  • You don’t have to wait more than 30 seconds for your online gaming to begin

  • Your computer’s resources, in the form of memory or hard drive storage space, will not be put under any strain

  • The best compatibility for mobile and Mac users

What is a no-download online casino? The term “no download” means that you can play games instantly, rather than download special online casino software onto your computer. Reasons why you might not want to do this include the need to save space on your hard drive for other applications. Also, you might be using a dial-up facility or reside in an area where there are occasionally slow internet speeds, resulting in sluggish downloading time. This is rare for Canadians, though, as the vast majority of citizens have fast wireless internet connectivity.

No download means no waiting!

Whatever your individual case is, the last thing you want to do is open up your real-money CA Dollar account, all excited and impatient to play, only then to have the Canadian casino online software take forever to come down the line. The good news is that you can play right here, right now, with a no-download online casino. Can something so simple really be so exciting? Yes it can. Logon now to enjoy the excitement of spinning the slots and betting at the tables of online casino games for big wins!

Gaming perfectionists, the players who regard their online casino experience as a skill or an art form, may say that the no-download online casinos have several drawbacks. It is true that there are slightly fewer games available in comparison to the regular online casinos. Also, the graphics and sound quality may not be quite as fabulous. This is a small price to play compared to the speed and convenience of the no-download option at a Canadian casino online, though.

The Canadian casino online no-download option for flexibility

You might wonder whether you can play at a public facility, such as a library or internet Café. You certainly can! This great flexibility means that you can play whilst you are away from home on business or on holiday. Remember to log out of your Canadian casino online account once you have finished playing on a public facility. Also, a good rule of thumb is to never save passwords or other information to a computer that doesn’t belong to you.

A question we are often asked is whether a player’s usage of a Canadian casino online can be tracked when using a Flash casino. Once you close the casino online no download software and clear your history, there is virtually no way to tell whether someone has gambled at an online casino.

You can play anywhere, any time with one of our recommended Canadian casino online no download options. As keen and committed gamers ourselves, we have searched through hundreds of online casinos to bring you the best no-download flash online casinos. Factors such as welcome bonuses, speed of payouts in Canadian CAD, game variety, security and customer support have all been thoroughly researched and tested. Pick your favourite one and take it for a no-download spin right away!