Enjoy the Best Canadian Casino Online with Interac

We're always on the lookout for quick and reliable payment methods when we hit up a Canadian casino online. Interac definitely qualifies as one of those deposit/withdrawal options that's pretty much ideal for those in Canada who love online gambling.

Playing for cash on the web is very different to doing so in a land-based casino, where a quick visit to the cashier will see your pockets filled with chips you can then use for the rest of the night. In an online casino, Interac is just one payment method of many; in fact, there are so many deposit options that it can be tricky to know which one to choose.

  • Find out why we recommend Interac over so many other payment options

  • Take your pick from honest and trustworthy Interac casino sites

  • Use Interac to make sure your details stay safe on gambling sites

Interac and How It Works

Before we get started, we should probably point out that, in order to accept an e-Transfer payment, a store or gambling site must have a merchant account with Interac. It's this that turns a venue into a true Interac Canadian casino online.

“Interac makes the experience of online gambling incredibly easy because it's a payment method that the vast majority of Canadians will already be familiar with.”

Making a Canadian casino online Interac payment is much like making a payment using your online banking account, except that Interac sits between your bank/financial institution and the site in question to make sure everything is going smoothly.

The obvious advantage of this setup is that you have Interac watching your back throughout the process – you don't need to expose any of your credit card or banking information to an Interac casino site, so you know that you're not going to get ripped off.

As you might expect, there is a price to pay for this privilege but the fees associated with making an e-Transfer payment are thankfully very small. You may well decide that the extra security offered by playing in Interac online casinos is worth the cost.

Why Choose Interact?

We've already covered one of Interac's biggest advantages above, and this is that making a Canadian casino online Interac payment using e-Transfer keeps all of your personal details safe.

There's virtually no chance that gambling sites will be able to get their hands on any more cash than you've authorised and, on the off chance you run into a rogue site, you know that your payment information won't be compromised.

Despite offering transfers that are extremely safe, there's nothing slow about the way Interac works. In fact, whether you're transferring cash to a friend or a Canadian casino online, Interac has a reputation for being one of the fastest payment methods around. It's very rare that you'll ever need to wait around for a payment to clear before you can get right back to playing for real money.

One more advantage of playing at an Interac online casino is a little more indirect, but it's still worth knowing. Because Interac is only available to Canadian players, it's more or less a sure thing that any casino that accepts Interac will do other things to make life easy for Canucks such as supporting deposits/withdrawals in CAD and offering dedicated support.

It's a combination of factors, mostly its speed and safety, that makes Interac such a good choice for players in Canada even if it does involve a small fee that you might not be subject to when using some other deposit options.

Find An Interac Canadian Casino Online

There's no shortage of Interac casino sites out there but, unless you know where to look, you might not have the easiest time finding them. Because it can only be used by Canadian players in an online casino, Interac is a fairly niche product and it's not one that gambling sites will make a lot of noise about accepting.

However, that doesn't mean that you have to do a lot of hard work to find an Interac online casino! You can simply choose one of the sites from our list of the top online venues that accept Canadian players and support e-Transfer payments.

We base our reviews on everything from the range of games offered and the speed of software used to how friendly and efficient a site's support team is, so you know you're going to have the best experience possible.

Just sign up – not forgetting to claim your welcome bonus – and make your first online casino Interac payment, then you're ready to start playing for real money.